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Today, in a world of expertise & high competition, THE INDUS BYTE TECHNOLOGIES feels that the upcoming developers should know much more than just their course curriculum so that they face the industry more confidently & with better insight of the industry. THE INDUS BYTE TECHNOLOGIES has now taken an initiative to provide quality training to the B.Techs/MCA students.

1. Understand the technique of Software Development
2. Get the knowledge of different phases of SDLC.
3. Identify the problem areas in Software Development
4. To understand the Business Issues of any Project.
5. How to apply the theoretical knowledge in practical conditions.
6. To create better understanding of the latest technologies.

To ensure that the quality of training is of the highest degree THE INDUS BYTE TECHNOLOGIES has setup a separate Training Centre. The training centre would not only be having excellent environment for software development but Company will also employ its senior project leaders to supervise the training activities & the software development.

Provisional Schema of Training:

1. Introductions to Upcoming Technologies & their market impact.
2. Application of Software Engineering Theories.
3. Project Briefing and Analysis
4. Allocation of Project & Project Role to Trainees.
5. Software Development.
6. Software Testing & Implementation.

Training Duration:

Training will be tentatively of 5 months( 4 days a week, 4 hours a day).

Phase 1: (6 weeks)
•Theory Classes of Software Engineering/.NET Technologies/ Database Technologies.

Phase 2: (10 weeks)
•Project Briefing
•Project Allotment
•Software Development

Phase 3: (4 weeks)
•Final Testing
•Submission of Project Documentation

About Projects:

As THE INDUS BYTE TECHNOLOGIES is working on many government and corporate projects, the trainees would thus be getting with opportunity to work on live projects under the supervision of senior programmers. Development Platforms will vary according to the project being developed and will be decided by the Company.

Training Pre requisites:

  1. Sound knowledge of OOPS.
  2. Basic knowledge of any GUI based Programming Language.
  3. Basic knowledge of RDBMS.


We would like to inform you that we are currently offering the training on Self Support Basis for M.C.A (6th Semester) Students.

All those TRAINEES whose performance is good in training period will be offered an opportunity to work with TIBT as Software Engineer.

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